Little David

Little David loved to play. He loved to run around and climb a tree. Playing is better with a friend and little David had many. With his friends, they planted seeds and sung a song.

Little David loved to read. He read to his brother and his sister. His parents would read him a story every night before sleep. With his friends, they would hold meetings. They would study the Bible with study guides. He loved the Word, just like his parents.

Little David loved his family. Big brother would always help and baby sister was fun to play with. Mom was his teacher and she gave him comfort when he was sad. Dad worked hard and sometimes brought him along.
Little David even loved his grandma and grandpa. Every summer, he would visit them. Grandma is wise and kind. Grandpa like to impart knowledge of things passed but not forgotten.

Little David cannot play anymore. He cannot run around or climb a tree. He cannot read the Word or play with friends. He cannot express his love or visit anyone. A driver drove drunk and killed everyone.

Many are saddened by the tragedy that has happened. Everyone that knew them and even some who didn’t were gloomy. Sin leads to death and innocent people are caught in the crosshairs. This causes some people to fear, even little Joseph.

Samuel: You have nothing to fear, my son. God is with you. I am here with you also.

Joseph: Daddy, can we walk instead? Something might happen if we drive in your car.

Samuel: Nothing bad will happen, I promise you. You will be safe.

Little Joseph looks out the window. He sees his father’s car parked in the driveway. He tells himself that it’s a cage on wheels. Sooner or later, someone will rattle that cage. When that happens, he will be forced to rest in peace.

Samuel sees the fear in his son. His trembling fingers and worried expression tell the story on his mind.

Samuel: My son, were not my words perceived? You have nothing to fear. If you do not hurry and put on your dress shoes we will be late.

Joseph: But something could happen.

Samuel takes a knee. He carries a warm smile as he looks at his son.

Samuel: Trust in me. I will be there beside you to keep you safe. If you put your trust in me, you will be rewarded after the funeral.

Little Joseph looks at his father. His watery, downcast, eyes quickly shift elsewhere. He grabs the bottom of his shirt then twists it repeatedly to relieve his tension.

Samuel: Joseph.

Samuel calls to his son. Little Joseph twist his shirt tighter. He reluctantly raises his head. He gazes upon his father with tearful eyes.

Samuel: You’re still weak in your faith.

Samuel grabs his son and reels him in. Little Joseph let go of his shirt and embrace his father. As they hug, tears escape little Joseph’s eyes.

Samuel: It’s okay. We will visit David some other day.

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