Updates and Announcements 2/21/2018

Thank you for coming back to get the latest on my progress. I’ve been working hard and am ready to inform you of what I have completed thus far.

Since last month, after rewriting a chapter of To Save a Life, I halted all progress on the novel that I may work on a short story. As you know, I was not able to post said story in the month of January, though, I have been hard at work to get it done. The story will be posted near the end of this month. If not, then sooner.

It would be easy to patch together a story and throw it online. Far too easy. It is my desire that all of my work have meaning. In fact, I spent so much time researching a certain topic that I was given the opportunity to preach on it. And I will also take my research and make it a Bible study you can read on this site. It’s not a continuation of the study of John, but it’s something.

Besides writing, essentially banging my head on a keyboard, I’ve been occupied with school. I’m beginning to form habits and patterns that will help me succeed. Though, praying for me would help.

Remember, every day is a good day because every day you have a chance to capitalize on yesterday.

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