Updates and Announcements 7/21/2021

This feeling that I have. Shock? Anger? I’m not sure how to express it. It has been over a year since I last updated this website. It’s also been that long since I last visited this site myself. If anyone is here, I urge you to leave now. This site is trash, and everything I write is boring as me.

Recently, I completed my 31-day writing challenge half a year late. At the time I started the challenge, I was busy with work and studies. Keeping up was difficult, but I wanted to finish even if I failed the challenge. But then, I burned out. Even though I had everything written in my handy dandy notebook in February, it still took me until yesterday to type it all on my computer. Keep in mind this challenge began at the start of January! So if you don’t like the stink of failure and disappointment, leave now.

I wrote this because I have something to say. Of course, the best thing I could do is announce my retirement and delete this site for good. That’s probably my best idea this year. But, sadly, that’s not the reason for this announcement. No, instead, I’m here to make more false promises.

To Save a Life, the book I’ve been working on for 3-4 years now, and it’s not a long story, is back in production. A release date will be announced in October. I want to say that I’ll frequently write posts that’ll keep your interest; however, that’d probably be a lie. I don’t even know what I would write. So, expect nothing from me.

Let’s not pretend anyone has read my Fruitful Growth in the Faith series. That series having readers is as laughable as this site having regular visitors. You could summarize this series by calling it a lengthy Bible study. And I only update it once a year. There is supposed to be a new lesson every month but staying focused on a task longer than a few hours a week is beyond me. But let’s keep with the false promises and say it will be a monthly series now. I dare you to believe.

This site could use some quality-of-life improvements. Clicking on an image should bring you to a post, my bio needs an update, and several posts have to go. Out of everything I have said so far, this is probably the only thing my puny brain can manage.

To receive frequent updates about my current projects, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Out of all the stupid things I have written so far, I’m least motivated to do this one. I’m antisocial. Writing and getting interaction on my social media posts exhaust me.

Thank you for your time. We should do this again. How about the same time next year? I’ll save myself the trouble of writing something new by changing the date on this post and promoting it as new. But, honestly, no one cares enough to notice.

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